Passion in a bottle: an interview with Pawel Morozowicz, founder of Precious Liqours

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Passion in a bottle: an interview with Pawel Morozowicz, founder of Precious Liqours

11 July 2024 | admin | blog

Precious Liqours is gaining more and more recognition among luxury alcohol
enthusiasts. How did your journey with independent bottling begin, and what inspired you to start your own brand?

It wasn’t really a journey; it’s more of a way of life. My story with fine wines & spirits began in 1999 when, as a young man, I first stood behind a bar. Over the following years, my choices, opportunities, and projects that came up solidified my path towards being an “indie bottler.” Our first bottling projects started with Wealth Solutions, where we released great Scotch whiskies, Caroni, and Japanese Karuizawa whiskies. This opened the world to Polish selections. Later, when the idea of Colours of Rum was just beginning, we decided to part ways amicably. I operated for many years in the Asian market, starting with bottling projects for others. We began with a high profile by bottling the first Karuizawa 1988 for Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. After that, it was smooth sailing…

As an independent bottler, Precious Liqours focuses on unique and limited editions. How does the process of selecting barrels for your portfolio look like? What draws your attention to certain barrels?

We try not to be “too limited” and we evolve. While we are associated with luxury, our editions fetch high prices on the secondary market due to their uniqueness, quality, and history. We have released old Clynelish, Ben Nevis, Springbank, Macallan, Caroni, Enmore, Uitvlugt, and many other brilliant distillates. Currently, we are lowering the price per bottle, but not the quality. Quality is the DNA of our brands. Besides Precious Liqours, we have Three Wise Man Selection (single malt whisky), and we also distribute brands like Claxton’s, Luisita, House of Cane, and Nishi-Shuzo/Ontake. In the coming months, we plan to release more affordable editions of Luisita Single Estate Rum from the Philippines.

When it comes to selecting the liquids, I have been tasting wines and spirits for years. The first step is to “turn off” personal preferences because we bottle for others, not for ourselves.

We check if the liquid has any technical flaws, and then we assess it organoleptically. My selection system is simple: 1-3: I generally avoid, unless a 3 has potential over time with wood changes. 4-5: If there are funds or a project, I go for it!

What are the biggest challenges of being an independent bottler on the Polish and
international markets?

The biggest challenge is the global economic slowdown, which we all feel, not just in the spirits market. This will be the main obstacle in 2024 and probably in 2025.

Precious Liqours is known for offering exclusive beverages. Could you reveal what new projects or editions are in the works? What can your product enthusiasts look forward to in the near future?

We plan to make our releases more widely available in Poland. Thanks to Team Spirit Whisky, our products are already available in many cities. When their online store launches, the availability of Precious Liqours releases and brands will improve even further

We had the opportunity to see Precious Liqours at the 5th Edition of Rum Love Festival. What were your impressions of the event? Do you plan to participate in the 6th Edition, and if so, what can we expect?

We were at both the 4th and 5th editions. The 6th will be our third participation, and this time you definitely won’t forget about us! We’ll have new, brilliant rums, and Luisita will surprise you. Maybe even Polish rum enthusiasts will get to meet the people behind Luisita. Unfortunately, at the 5th edition, our Do Not Collect bottles, which respond to the market’s call for aged spirits in smaller volumes, did not arrive in time. The festival was very well organized, even the weather cooperated!

What significance does participating in events like the Rum Love Festival have for you? Do you see it as an opportunity for making new business contacts or promoting your brand?

For us, it’s an opportunity to build our brands. Quality easily verifies brands, and we are confident in ours. Just look at the faces of people tasting our bottles and their comments. It warms the heart!

The Rum Love Festival always attracts many rum enthusiasts. What advice would you give to beginner tasters just starting their rum journey? What should they pay attention to when choosing bottles?

Explore, search, but if you can get advice from someone, ask! Look for Spanish-style or light navy rums, then climb higher to open fermentation, agricole… Avoid sugar! Sugar masks flaws and is addictive.

Interest in premium alcohols is growing in Poland. How do you assess the current market for luxury beverages in our country? Do you notice any significant changes in consumer preferences?

I’ve been observing this for over two decades, and the change is incredible. The Polish market is developing quickly. I remember times when even millionaires drank mainstream alcohols, but now even intermediate whisky or rum enthusiasts have more awareness than the “elite” of the early 2000s. That says something, right?

Finally, what are your plans and dreams for the future of Precious Liqours? Where would you like to see your brand in a few years?

Our goal is to maintain quality and deliver the best emotions. When you take a glass and fall silent for 30 seconds after the first nosing – that’s the plan. Stable growth and access to the best distillates – that’s the dream.

One more question: Could you share your favorite rum from your collection and tell us what makes it special?

Ha, ha, ha… I always laughed when I got this question. I don’t have one! Favorite wine, dish, whisky, cigar, rum… I have tons! It all depends on the moment. But a favorite woman… always present! And don’t you dare answer otherwise… ha, ha, ha…

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