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Organize a tasting event with us

Looking for the right place for a business meeting or tasting? BlackBeard Salon in Wroclaw is the perfect solution for you! Located in the city center, it offers a unique loft space that will delight your guests.

The salon has a tasting area, which is ideal for business meetings of different nature. What’s more, the offer is specially prepared for each client based on the requirements or the type and nature of the meeting.

BlackBeard is also a place run by Tomasz Krzyk, the creator and originator of the Rum Love Festival and the BlackBeard brand. Tomasz is an expert in the field of spirits, especially rums, whiskeys and gins. His knowledge is extensive, and he acquired it over the years working at top catering places, and then at international brands such as Bacardi Martini and Moet Hennessy. He regularly conducts tasting training sessions, which can be successfully arranged at the BlackBeard showroom or at a location of your choice.

It is possible to organize private, closed meetings and training sessions for your company or a group of friends. Tomasz Krzyk is able to conduct a tasting, during which we will learn the secrets of the production and taste of all spirits while having a great time and experiencing a great deal of taste adventures.

If you are looking for an unusual place for a business meeting or want to organize a tasting for your guests, the BlackBeard salon in Wroclaw is an excellent choice.

In addition, we would also like to invite you to the Rum Love Festival vol. 4, which will be held on June 22 and 23, 2023 at the Zajezdnia Dąbie – Czasoprzestrzeń. Tickets can be purchased on-site at the BlackBeard showroom at 57 Teczowa Street and on the website.


Tomasz Krzyk

General Manager/CEO


tel. +48 501 849 975