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Welcome to a tropical paradise in Wroclaw! Rum Love Festival and Bacardi are joining forces to create for you the most enticing cocktail zone that will transport you straight to the white beaches of the Caribbean.

All you have to do is close your eyes and you will already feel the gentle breeze of palm trees and the sound of exotic sounds wafting through the air. Transport yourself to a world where the sun always shines and pleasure has a new meaning.

Experienced bartenders will conjure up something special for you – from the classic Mojito to the exotic Pina Colada, all with coconut, pineapple and more than you can imagine!

No party is complete without the right background music, so for your entertainment we have prepared a DJ to get you into the rhythm of the tropics. This zone is not just a place to drink – it’s an experience that will stimulate all your senses.

If you’re craving true joy, our cocktail zone even has a candy cane squeezer for a refreshing addition to your drink.

Come and join us on this journey to the land of flavors and aromas, where time slows down and life takes on a new flavor. Rum Love Festival and Bacardi invite you to discover the secrets of a tropical paradise – here, where every sip is a journey to happiness!