What is the Rum Love Festiwal

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What is the Rum Love Festiwal

15 February 2019 | admin | Bez kategorii

Rum Love Festival is a unique opportunity to get to know the new flavours and aromas of the best rum in the world. The festival participants for two days will move to a land full of this aromatic liquor.

Rum Love Festiwal will take place on 07-08 of June 2019 at the Wroclaw Congress Center at Centennial Hall for the third time. Exceptional events need a unique space, which is why we believe that our festival cannot take place elsewhere. The Centennial Hall is inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List – it is one of the most atmospheric locations in Wroclaw.

Over 1,200 people came to Wroclaw for the first and second edition of the festival. During the festival weekend, there were numerous workshops, training sessions, tastings and concerts. All the attractions waiting for guests have undoubtedly stimulated the senses and revealed a real and often unknown world of rum.

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