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7 May 2024 | admin | blog

The Bacardi brand basically needs no introduction to anyone. It’s a mass-market product, available as a staple of many cocktails in many bars around the world. A significant date for Bacardi is February 4, 1862, when the Bacardi family, led by Don Facundo the Bacardi Masso, bought a distillery in Santiago de Cuba. They unceremoniously got rid of the previous rules, creating new, proprietary and revolutionary production methods. An interesting feature of the brand’s logo is the bat. These animals are considered to bring good luck in Cuba.

Bacardi’s core lineup includes three rums, with such well-known editions as Carta Blanca, Carta Oro and Carta Negra.

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The story of the birth of Bacardi rums

Don Facundo was well aware that the rums of the time were too crude and primitive to satisfy Cuba’s emerging middle classes. He decided to create a beverage as refined as the best cognacs. The venture cost a lot of work, controlling every process and introducing new techniques.
Don Facundo began with the highest quality ingredients, including a unique strain of yeast that grows in the sugar cane fields on the outskirts of Santiago de Cuba. The yeast strain became known as “La Levadura Bacardi ” and is still used exclusively to give Bacardi rum its unique flavor profile. Creating a balanced, light rum required combining two distillates. The first is the distinctive, distinctly flavored and aromatic rum known as “aguardiente,” which is the basis of Bacardi. The second, on the other hand, is the “redestilado,” distilled several times, which is lighter and more delicate. The Maestros de Ron Bacardi (Master Blenders) still use pioneering techniques today, which include filtration through a charcoal filter and an aging process.
Eight generations of Dona Facundo’s family have kept his innovative spirit alive in the production of Bacardi , which is the world’s best award-winning rum.

Bacardi Limited

Bacardi is the men and women of the Bacardi family of specialists who are the guardians of tradition and excellence from 158 years ago. The company sells spirits in more than 170 global markets and operates more than 20 production facilities – for bottling, distilling and spirits production – in 12 countries. Bacardi Limited refers to the Bacardi group of companies, including Bacardi International Limited. Its headquarters are located in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Bacardi Limited’s business is worldwide, earned by the excellent quality of its products and a reputation that has been developed over the years. Bacardi is also committed to promoting responsible alcohol consumption and is central to the company’s marketing and advertising.

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A challenge that became an opportunity for Bacardi

When the U.S. Congress banned the production, sale and consumption of alcohol in 1920, the company had to close its New York plant. Bacardi, however, did not consider Prohibition a failure. Instead, it launched a campaign that promoted Cuba as an enticing tropical island that could be an escape from US drinking restrictions.

Tempting postcards illustrating the glamour of Havana’s nightlife and Bacardi rum cocktails were sent out. A large airline advertisement encouraged US customers to “Fly to Cuba and bathe in Bacardi rum.” The strategy paid off. American tourists flocked to bustling Havana. One of Cuba’s first skyscrapers, Edificio Bacardí, opened its elegant black-and-gold art deco bar to celebrities, artists and even Spanish royalty.

As the family and company name became more prominent, protecting it was a matter of honor, pride and survival. In 1936. The company won a landmark lawsuit against New York bars that were substituting other rums for Bacardi cocktails. The Supreme Court ruled that a Bacardi cocktail must be made with Bacardi. Today, when a customer orders, for example, a Bacardi Pina Colada, by law, only Bacardi rum can be used to make it.

Flagship rums

The Bacardi Superior brand has three flagship rums that are pioneers in the global market. The white Bacardi Superior Carta Blanca, the gold Bacardi Carta Oro and the black Bacardi Carta Negra form the core of the Bacardi family and make the Bacardi range something for every rum lover!

Bacardi Carta Blanca is a white rum perfected over the years, created by Don Facundo himself. It is smooth and subtle, the taste characterized by notes of almonds and vanilla is achieved by aging in white oak barrels. The secret of its delicate, balanced flavor lies in the filtration using charcoal filters. It works perfectly in classic rum cocktails such as Mohito.

Bacardi Carta Oro golden rum is the work of Maestros de Ron Bacardi (Master Blenders). The rich flavor and golden color are the result of aging in fired oak barrels. Bacardi Carta Oro features deep, rich flavors such as vanilla, buttery caramel, roasted almonds and sweet banana notes balanced with warm orange peel and a light oak finish.

Bacardi Carta Negra is a black rum whose rich flavor is developed through aging in intensely fired oak barrels. The flavor palette of Bacardi Carta Negra is a journey that begins with flavors of sweet tropical fruits, buttery caramel and vanilla, and ends with smoky licorice and molasses.

New rum brands in Bacardi portfolio

Bacardi, which has been in existence for more than 155 years, is nonetheless launching new varieties of its rums. The portfolio includes Bacardi Anejo 4, a product ideally suited for enhancing cocktails. Anejo 4, or Cuatro if you prefer, is a blend of rums, the youngest of which is aged for a minimum of four years, and is great for those entering the world of aged rums, due to its ability to be drunk on ice or with Ginger Ale. The Cuatro features flavors such as vanilla, roasted oak, clove, honey and a soft finish.

Another new product is Bacardi Reserva Oro 8, which is recommended for connoisseurs of taste. Aged in oak barrels continuously for 8 years, it tastes great in an Old Fashioned drink. Bacardi Reserva Oro 8, or Ocho, is primarily a sign of patience, with notes of dried plum, nutmeg, vanilla, and apricot.

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Below you will find a video from the 3rd edition of the Rum Love Festival showcasing the Bacardi booth:

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