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15 February 2019 | admin | Bez kategorii

The most aromatic festival affects Poland with a passion for rum.

Nearly 1,300 participants, 300 types of spirits and 35 exhibitors from around the world. Two days of workshops, concerts and an unforgettable atmosphere. This atmosphere was missing in Wroclaw for two years. Due to the pandemic, the Rum Love Festival had to be canceled. In 2023, the event returns with a big bang – a bang of fun. What will the organizers surprise all of rum Poland with this time?

How did it start? – or a few words about the passion for spirits

Rum Love Festival was born out of passion and deep interest in the flavors and nature of spirits. The professional experience gathered by the originator and creator of the festival, Tomasz Krzyk, is related to his work in such global spirits brands as Bacardi Martini and Moet Hennessey. The organizers of the Rum Love Festival translate their passion and love for spirits into an event that is their beloved child.

Rum festivals have been held around the world for years. In Poland, rum, along with tequila and gin, is still counted among niche spirits. However, according to research from Nielsen’s Retail Panel, in 2021 the value of the rum market in Poland increased by 18.9% compared to 2020, with rum being one of only three alcohol categories to record double-digit growth during this period. Rum is mainly purchased during the Christmas season and remains the most rapidly growing category in terms of sales. Rum lovers in Poland are growing every day.
Pointing out that the growing popularity of drinks, cocktails (the art of mixology), travel, as well as the influence of blogging liquor lovers and educating consumers about rum contribute to this. Accordingly, Tomasz Krzyk and his team are returning in 2023 with the Rum Love Festival to once again showcase the value of rum and its rich flavors.

Most Aromatic Festival infects Poland with passion for rum

This year, the Rum Love Festival will be held at the Zajezdnia Dąbie – Czasoprzestrzeń. Each time, the festival welcomes more than 2,000 attendees, who participate in Master Classes with brand ambassadors and rum specialists from around the world. This allows them to open their palates and noses, to new, previously unknown flavors and aromas. There will be a variety of activities, including concerts, a cigar smoking area, a cocktail bar and much more. We are also looking forward to the return of the Rum Love on Tour, which visited more than 30 top cocktail bars from around the country for two months and promoted this culturally rich alcohol.

The capital of Lower Silesia is also becoming the national capital of rum. The organizers of the festival have created an amazing place on the cultural map of Wroclaw, where the passion for creation is combined with fashion, classics and a return to the past. BlackBeard Barber&Barrel House is a new place with a classic soul. It is a place where you can purchase limited edition rum, get advice from experts and connoisseurs of the art of bartending, but also spend time in a unique industrial space. While the guest enjoys a drink, the barber can take care of hair and beard grooming.