BlackBeard barber&barrel house

30 January 2019 | admin | Bez kategorii

We pay homage to the classics in one of the buildings at Tęczowa Street in Wroclaw. There can be no other place for the craft than the one covered with a thick mantle of history. For the barber, there cannot be any other place like this with the atmosphere and space that is conducive to creativity and creating a future from the past.
BlackBeard is a new place with a classic soul. This is the place where a professional will take care of hair and beard, and you will relax with a glass of whiskey, rum or other drink. BlackBeard is not just a barber – it’s a cultural place on the map of Wroclaw, where the passion of creation is combined with fashion, classic and back to the past.
It is a great idea for a business meeting, combined with training, conference or a summary of business successes.
It is worth to meet with your colleagues on a different ground than work. We invite you to choose one of our offers or to contact directly, so we could help you create an offer tailored to your needs.