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Welcome to the realm of elegance and noble tradition – the Cigar Zone, where dreams are smoked and aromatic clouds will lift you to the heights of delight.

Here, at the Rum Love Festival, together with three exhibitors – Premium Cigars, M&P and Iguana – we would like to invite you to become a true cigar connoisseur.

The cigar zone is a true oasis for lovers of excellent flavors and refined aesthetics. Wrapped in the scent of the finest tobaccos, each step brings you closer to discovering the mysterious world of cigars.

We invite you on a journey of taste and aroma, under the guidance of professionals who will be happy to share with you the secrets of smoking – from choosing the right cigar, through cutting and lighting techniques, to the ritual of savoring each aromatic stroke.

For us, it’s not only quality that matters, but also education. Therefore, if you feel the curiosity and desire to explore the art of cigar smoking, we are here for you. Our workshops will allow you to explore all the nuances of this noble art, so that you can become a true connoisseur.

Discover the highest quality cigars from around the globe, with flavor and character that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.