German Rum Awards - zdjęcie z organizatorem

German Rum Festival through the eyes of a juror and fan

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The ninth edition of the German Rum Festival was very special for me. It was not the first rum festival in Berlin that I took part in, but for the first time I was the part of jury. This is another huge honourable mention I received this year. READ MORE

Martinique Rhum Awards is an incredible event

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Martinique is the overseas department of France and an amazing island located in Lesser Antilles between Dominican Republic and Saint Lucia. On the island, rum is made of agricole, or craft, made only from sugar cane juice. Without doubts on Martinique I have experienced an extraordinary adventure. READ MORE

Why is it worth visiting Wroclaw

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Exceptional events need a unique space. Centennial Hall – is the only such place in Wroclaw, which is why we believe that Rum Love Festiwal cannot take place elsewhere.

Centennial Hall is a unique meeting place in Wroclaw.

In 2006, the Centennial Hall along with adjacent areas, the former restaurant pavilion, Pergola and the water basin, was inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List.

Rum Love Festiwal will take place in the Wroclaw Congress Center for the third time.

In the close neighbourhood, there is also the Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain – the largest installation of this type in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.


Rum Love Festiwal

Who we are

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The most aromatic festival affects Poland with a passion for rum.

Almost 1300 participants, 300 types of alcohol and 35 exhibitors from around the world. Two days of workshops, concerts and an unforgettable atmosphere. This is how it was last year on Rum Love Festiwal in Wroclaw. Organizers decided to affect Poland with rum and make a cyclical event from the festival. What will be a surprise this time? READ MORE

Rum Love Festiwal

What is the Rum Love Festiwal

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Rum Love Festival is a unique opportunity to learn new flavours and aromas of the best rums in the world. Festiwal participants will move for two days to the land fulfilled with the world’s most aromatic drink. READ MORE