German Rum Festival through the eyes of a juror and fan

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The ninth edition of the German Rum Festival was very special for me. It was not the first rum festival in Berlin that I took part in, but for the first time I was the part of jury. This is another huge honourable mention I received this year.

Without a doubt, every notion and honourable mention at international festivals abroad is extremely important and crucial for the entire rum environment in Poland. I am personally pleased and honored of being a part of jurors as the first Pole in history. I am personally very happy and on the other hand – it professionally shows that we are all moving in the right direction not only building the market in Poland, but we are doing – speaking colloquially – “good work” noticed beyond the borders of our country.

German Rum Festival is one of the most important rum festivals in Europe. Along with the events in Paris or London, it is important and extremely opinion-forming for the whole rum environment. It is definitely also very important festival for both: exhibitors and visitors. In my opinion, this is another, very, very good festival that meets the expectations of everyone who came to Berlin. The temperature in the German capital was almost tropical and I can even say – probably ordered specifically for the festival!

I had the pleasure of judging rums from around the world in a wonderful company in which they were present: Bernhard Schafer, Benoit Bail, Johnny Drejer, Eugen Kasparek, Suzanne Long, Hendrik Ratzmer, Jerry Gitany, Rene van Hoven, Emanuele Ingusci, Susanne Simon , Kris Von Stedingk, John Gibbons and Ingvar Thomsen. Each of the people listed here has vast experience in assessing rum quality and participates in many events around the world.

The Ninth German Rum Festival’s best rum was Artesanal Trewlany Double Cask LP. All awards and categories can be checked on the festival’s official website: For us personally, it is very important that a large number of people we met in Berlin announced their visit during the fourth edition of Rum Love Festival in Wroclaw, which will take place on 19-20 June 2020.

Martinique Rhum Awards is an incredible event

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Martinique is the overseas department of France and an amazing island located in Lesser Antilles between Dominican Republic and Saint Lucia. On the island, rum is made of agricole, or craft, made only from sugar cane juice. Without doubts on Martinique I have experienced an extraordinary adventure.

I have to admit that receiving a special invitation to Martinique and participating in the event as a juror in the first edition of the Martinique Rhum Awards was a real honor for me. Immodestly I also think that finding myself as a part of the jury is also some kind of appreciation of the work we have done in the last three years in Poland.



The originators of the new Martinique Rum Festival are the world famous owner of beach bars – Guy Fedinand and Rum Embassy. I found myself in a very prestigious group of 10 jury members in which were present rum celebrities such as: Matt Pietrek, Suzanne Long, Annie des Groseilliers, Hugues Labrador, Alexandre Vingtier, Laurent Thirion, Roger Caroni, Dirk Becker and Jean-Claude Padern.

I make no secret of the fact that it was a huge pleasure for me and such a great experience. Telling about the event does not reflect even ten percent of the emotions and adventures we have experienced. As I have already mentioned, the invitation I received and the fact that I was a part of a jury was (and still is) a real honor for me. I have never imagined that I might find myself in such a good company.


I met wonderful people on Martinique – very experienced, knowledgeable on rum as hardly anyone in the world. The Martinique Rum Awards is brilliant and demanding for both: evaluators and assessed. Without doubts, the organizers put a lot of work and commitment to make all the details of the event perfectly matched.


We have assessed rum in twelve categories. The biggest winner of the Martynique Rhum Awards was HSE XO in the Rhum Agricole Extra Vieux category. Immediately behind him, La Mauny is highly rated in the white rum category up to 55 ABV, and Dillon in the best rugby category between 3 and 6 years. Also, I have to mention that the product of the A1710 Renaissance boutique distillery made a great impression with its white rum not belonging to the AOC and the best in the category of molasses rum from 3 to 12 years old.

During the festival, we had the opportunity to experience many attractions that created a great atmosphere of the event. Inter alia, there was a great bartending competition and blind tasting combined with food pairing at the La Case Thai Restaurant.

For people from the world of alcohol, a great adventure is always visiting and learning the secrets of distilleries. Thus, on Martinique we had a chance to visit La Mauny, Trois Rivieres, Depaz, La Favorite and Clement. I think that these distilleries are “must see” places during your visit on the island. In my opinion – always – seeing the core of each distillery and having the opportunity to try rum completely unavailable in Europe is always the greatest experience for everyone in the rum industry. We have also a chance to know a lot of details and secrets of creating rum agricoles and differences in sugar canes.




Martinique Rhum Awards

Category 1 – Rhum white AOC, Martynika do 55 ABV
1. Maison La Mauny – 50
2. Clement – Canne Bleue 2018
3. Heritiers Madkaud – Blanc

Category 2 – Rhum white, AOC Martynika do 55 ABV
1. Dillon – 55
2. HSE – 55
3. HSE – Canne d’Or

Category 3 – Rhum white Agricole non-AOC do 55 ABV
1. A1710 – Reference
2. O’Reizinho – Blanco
3. A1710 – Diamond Rock

Category 4 – Rhum white, Agricole non-AOC, powyżej 55 ABV
1. Pere Labat – 59
2. A1710 – La Perle Brut
3. Karukera – L’Intense

Category 5 – Rhum Agricole, AOC Martynika 3 do 6 lat
1. Dillon – VSOP
3. Dillon – Cuvee des planteurs

Category 6 – Rum Agricole AOC Martynika, 6 lat i więcej

1. HSE – XO
2. Trois Rivieres – 12
3. Depaz – XO

Category 7 – Rum Agricole non-AOC 4 lata i więcej
1. Karukera – Black Edition Alligator
2. Clement – Secrets de Futs Gourmand
3. Damoiseau – XO

Category 8 –rhum from molasses from 3 to 12 lat
1. A1710 – Soleil de Minuit
2. Maison du Rhum – Colombie
3. Plantation – Fidji 2009

Category 9 – Rhum from molasses, 12 years and more
1. Plantation – Jamaica 2005
2. Abuelo – 12
3. Abuelo – 15 Oloroso

Category 10 – Rhum Agricole AOC Martynika, Brut de Fut
1. Trois Rivieres – Cask Strenght 2006
2. HSE – 2007 FR
3. HSE – 2007

Category 11 – Rhum Agricole non-AOC, Brut de Fut
1. Mhoba – Select Reserve French Oak
2. Karukera – L’Expression

Category 12 – Rhum from molasses, Brut de Fut
1. Riviere du Mat – 2006 CDR
2. Rum Nation – Worthy Park 2006
3. Plantation – Jamaica 22 ans

Why is it worth visiting Wroclaw

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Exceptional events need a unique space. Centennial Hall – is the only such place in Wroclaw, which is why we believe that Rum Love Festiwal cannot take place elsewhere.

Centennial Hall is a unique meeting place in Wroclaw.

In 2006, the Centennial Hall along with adjacent areas, the former restaurant pavilion, Pergola and the water basin, was inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List.

Rum Love Festiwal will take place in the Wroclaw Congress Center for the third time.

In the close neighbourhood, there is also the Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain – the largest installation of this type in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.


O Rum Love Festiwal

Who we are

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The most aromatic festival affects Poland with a passion for rum.

Almost 1300 participants, 300 types of alcohol and 35 exhibitors from around the world. Two days of workshops, concerts and an unforgettable atmosphere. This is how it was last year on Rum Love Festiwal in Wroclaw. Organizers decided to affect Poland with rum and make a cyclical event from the festival. What will be a surprise this time?

In the beginning, there was a passion…deep interest in alcohol, which turned into a professional career. Rum Love Festiwal organizers can consider themselves as really lucky people because they do what they love in life.

Rum festivals have been held for years around the world, but in Poland along with tequila and gin, it can be included in niche alcohol categories. However, according to research from the Nielsen Retail Panel in 2015, the value of the rum market in Poland amounted to PLN 91 million. This means that it increased by 10% compared to the previous year. Currently, according to statements of specialists from KPMG, almost 30 percent of Polish consumers, over 11.5 billion people, at least once reach for rum in a year.

Experts predict the steady growth of this segment at the level of 2-3 percent per year. Noting that this is due to the growing popularity of drinks, cocktails (the art of mixology), travel, as well as the influence of blogging alcohol lovers and educating consumers about rum. Therefore, Tomasz Krzyk, Jacek Boniecki and their team decided to organize for the first time in Poland Rum Love Festiwal, which last year has received wide echoes among lovers of various alcohols. This year, as in previous years, the Rum Love Festiwal will take place in the Wroclaw Congress Center, which is located next to the Centennial Hall from the UNESCO list, because exceptional events need a unique space.

The organizers expect about two thousand participants at the festival. There will be MASTERCLASS product training, 34 stands for partners – companies that would like to show their products (in addition to alcohols also cigars). Guests would have an outdoor terrace and a festival shop at their disposal. In the background, guests would hear themed music and in the evening, concerts of music groups in the open air. Last year, the organizers also started the project Rum Love on Tour to break the stereotypes about rum, for two months they visited 30 top cocktail bars and restaurants throughout Poland, where they conducted training. It must be admitted that gentlemen do a great job because the awareness of flavours and aromas of rum in Poland is growing very fast. But that’s not everything what the project’s initiators have up in their sleeve.

The capital of Lower Silesia is also becoming the national capital of rum. The festival organizers have created an amazing place on the cultural map of Wroclaw, where the passion of creation is combined with fashion, classic and the past. BlackBeard Barber & Barrel House is a new place with a classic soul. It is a place where you can buy a limited edition of rum, consult experts and masters in the art of bartending, but also spend time in a unique, industrial space. While the guest enjoys a drink, the barber can take care of hair and beard.

One of the buildings at Teczowa Street is a tribute to the classic. The owners claim that there can be no other place for the craft than the one covered with a thick mantle of history. For a barber, there cannot be any other place, like the atmosphere and space that favours creativity and creating a future from the past.  In BlackBeard, in addition to classical crafts, there are also training, lectures and presentations mainly about rum and whiskey. It is certainly a unique place whose atmosphere you just have to taste.


The organizers set themselves the goal of strengthening the awareness and culture of drinking alcohol such as rum or whiskey. Beginning with passion and idea, they started work on the Rum Love Festiwal and BlackBeard. All projects were successful, however, the gentlemen emphasize, that they are just spreading their wings and are not going to rest on their laurels. Since last year they have launched some great projects that do not close only within the borders of Poland. Thanks to such projects, enthusiasts of spirits from around the world thinking “Poland” will see Wroclaw and BlackBeard. We cordially invite you to the Rum Love Festiwal on 7/8 June to Wrocław, as well as to visit the website and


What is the Rum Love Festiwal

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Rum Love Festival is a unique opportunity to get to know the new flavours and aromas of the best rum in the world. The festival participants for two days will move to a land full of this aromatic liquor.

Rum Love Festiwal will take place on 07-08 of June 2019 at the Wroclaw Congress Center at Centennial Hall for the third time. Exceptional events need a unique space, which is why we believe that our festival cannot take place elsewhere. The Centennial Hall is inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List – it is one of the most atmospheric locations in Wroclaw.

Over 1,200 people came to Wroclaw for the first and second edition of the festival. During the festival weekend, there were numerous workshops, training sessions, tastings and concerts. All the attractions waiting for guests have undoubtedly stimulated the senses and revealed a real and often unknown world of rum.


BlackBeard barber&barrel house

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We pay homage to the classics in one of the buildings at Tęczowa Street in Wroclaw. There can be no other place for the craft than the one covered with a thick mantle of history. For the barber, there cannot be any other place like this with the atmosphere and space that is conducive to creativity and creating a future from the past.
BlackBeard is a new place with a classic soul. This is the place where a professional will take care of hair and beard, and you will relax with a glass of whiskey, rum or other drink. BlackBeard is not just a barber – it’s a cultural place on the map of Wroclaw, where the passion of creation is combined with fashion, classic and back to the past.
It is a great idea for a business meeting, combined with training, conference or a summary of business successes.
It is worth to meet with your colleagues on a different ground than work. We invite you to choose one of our offers or to contact directly, so we could help you create an offer tailored to your needs.


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  1. Fruit family: family with the larger amount of aroma, also the most developing family among white and older rums. This family consists mostly of small aromatic molecules called esters, alcohols or aldehydes of low molecular weight, which are very volatile and are easily perceptible by the sense of smell. Evolution from white to aged rum allows us to detect 6 subfamilies:
  2. 1* Citrus fruits (lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit…)
    2* Exotic fruits (pineapple, banana, mango, passion fruit…)
    3* Cooked fruits (marmalade, jam, fruit paste, jelly…)
    4* Fruit alcohols (brandy, kirsch…)
    5* Dry fruits (figs, plums…)
    6* Nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, coconuts…)

    1. Floral family: floral notes also come from very small molecules, mainly aldehydes divided into 4 subcategories:

    1* Orange flower (neroli, lemongrass, orange blossom…)
    2* Medicinal flowers (linden, hawthorn, verbena…)
    3* Honey (acacia, honey, sugarcane, reed flower…)
    4* Herbal family Herbal notes are the most frequently represented by dry herbs (tea, hay).

    1. Spice family: With spicy notes (pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla…) we deal with heavier molecules, which are more difficult to smell with the nose. Mostly we find them in old rums.
    2. Balsamico family: this family represents camphor, eucalyptus or resin notes. They are very large aromatic molecules with a very low profile of perception.
    3. Empyreumatic family: in this case, we come across heavy molecules with 3 subcategories:


    1* Roast (coffee, mocha, chocolate…)
    2* Roasted/burnt (toasted bread, burnt sugar, molasses, burnt wood…)
    3* Licorice 
    These families come from thousands of chemical molecules. Every stage of rum production is responsible for evolution some of those molecules and it gives final outcome by combining different raw materials and production techniques for our rums.

    This also allows us to define three aroma families, which represents which represent rum shortages caused by problems during production, poor fermentation or incorrect temperature during distillation.

    1. Chemical family: Referring to a chemical memo, when rum is oxidized during aging, it contains notes of solvent, ether or oxidized apple. We can also detect an undesirable metallic aftertaste, due to insufficient cleaning of the columns.
    2. Phenolic notes: (ink, phenols, paint …) derived from very high distillation in the column are most often seen as defects, but they can also be the desired result.
    3. Sulfite family: sulfite notes. These molecules are very heavy and must be extracted to a very high degree to remove them from the distillation column. We can find them in rum that has been stored in the barrel for too long. We can recognize these notes by their unpleasant smell, like boiled vegetables, garlic or rot.
    4. Fermentation family: these notes are created only as a result of fermentation problems and we can classify them into four subfamilies

    1* baked goods (bread…)
    2* lactose (milk, butter…)
    3* yeasts
    4* butyric (stale, overly ripe fruits…)


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Cachaca Weber Haus

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