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The Bacardi brand basically needs no introduction to anyone. It’s a mass-market product, available as a staple of many cocktails in many bars around the world. A significant date for Bacardi is February 4, 1862, when the Bacardi family, led by Don Facundo the Bacardi Masso, bought a distillery in Santiago de Cuba. They unceremoniously got rid of the previous rules, creating new, proprietary and revolutionary production methods. An interesting feature of the brand’s logo is the bat. These animals are considered to bring good luck in Cuba.


What is the Rum Love Festiwal

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Rum Love Festival is an extraordinary opportunity to enter the world of rums. A world rich like few others. It is at this festival that you will experience new flavors and aromas of the best rums that exist. Festival attendees will be transported for two days to a land filled with the world’s most aromatic liquor.

German Rum Awards - zdjęcie z organizatorem

German Rum Festival through the eyes of a juror and fan

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The ninth edition of the German Rum Festival was very special for me. It was not the first rum festival in Berlin that I took part in, but for the first time I was the part of jury. This is another huge honourable mention I received this year. READ MORE

Martinique Rhum Awards is an incredible event

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Martinique is the overseas department of France and an amazing island located in Lesser Antilles between Dominican Republic and Saint Lucia. On the island, rum is made of agricole, or craft, made only from sugar cane juice. Without doubts on Martinique I have experienced an extraordinary adventure. READ MORE

Why is it worth visiting Wroclaw

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Rum Love Festival will be at Czasoprzestrzeni – Zajezdni Dąbie już po raz piąty 21-22.06.2024.