Shanty Music- Marek Szurawski i Filip Dąbrowski – The Shanty Roots

Rum Love Festiwal (1)

Embarking on a shanty is like going on a sea voyage, full of mystery, wind and adventure. On Friday at 18:00 you are invited to join us on a musical expedition that will lull you into the waves with melody and history.

“Rum sea and great sails” is not only the title of a shanty, it is also an invitation to participate in the sea story of rum’s roots, traditions and ceremonies that will grace the stage.

On board this musical ship are two experienced artists – Marek Szurawski and Filip Dąbrowski, known as The Shanty Roots. Their voices are like the sound of storms, carrying tales of life on the waves, stormy adventures and hearts trapped in sailing ships.

Get ready for a thrilling journey through the spaces of sea ballads and shanties that stir the soul and awaken the sea spirit in each of us. Discover the mysteries of the ocean to the rhythm of drums and tugging ropes that will guide you through the shanties, like golden trails on the sea.

Join us on Friday at 6:00 pm for a musical island call together, where history meets heritage, and the sounds of shanties come alive in every heart, melting into the sea mist.