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Join us for an unforgettable Afterparty during the 5th Edition of Rum Love Festival!

FREE ENTRY – Duration from 20:00 to 1:00

Are you ready for two evenings full of incredible fun, music and delicious drinks? We certainly are! After 8:00 p.m., we’ll close the exhibitor area and start the party – both Friday and Saturday! These will be two evenings that will stay in your memory for a long time.

Live concerts await you on the Afterparty stage.

On two days, Fala Lato will play for you – this is a band that will turn up the festival atmosphere with its music and, as the name suggests, is the essence of holiday vibes taking listeners on a journey between the 90s and 2020s. With Fala Lato comes a wave of positive sounds that will put everyone in a good mood and have fun.

The star of the evening will be B.R.O – Who is B.R.O? He is a talented rapper and music producer whose energetic music is winning the hearts of listeners all over Poland. His charisma and exceptional talent make each of his performances a real spectacle. Get ready for an amazing dose of positive energy and great music!

But that’s not all! During the afterparty there will be a cocktail zone open, where our bartenders will serve delicious drinks that will delight even the most demanding gourmets. If you are a lover of fine tobacco, be sure to visit the cigar zone, where you will be able to enjoy the best cigars in a perfect atmosphere. And for those who love delicious food, we have prepared a gastronomic zone where you will be able to taste exceptional dishes prepared by our best chefs.

This is the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends, meet new people and party until dawn! Take your friends with you and drop by the 5th Edition of Rum Love Festival to celebrate these magical evenings together!

Don’t miss this opportunity – it will be two unforgettable evenings full of music, dance and great atmosphere!

You are invited to the Rum Love Festival

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Szymon Kwiatkowski

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Sebastian Lauinger

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